Boat Charter


Ocean Tours Oman brings you the best blossoming experience with our dhow boat cruise services that brings most out of a sea tour in Oman.

Our key features include:

  • Double outboard engine boat with cruising speed 40knots.
  • Gulf Craft 36ft vessel, suitable for Dolphin Watching, Snorkeling, Coastal & Sunset Cruising, Dhow Cruising, Fishing, Full day and Half day trips.
  • Common bath room.
  • Total Capacity of the boat is 29
  • PA System / Multiple Speaker System
  • Our maritime vessels are kept in excellent condition either on tour or on dock. We surely guarantee 100% pure service and satisfaction on our every tour.

Our boat charter service offers you an exclusive dolphin watching, snorkeling, coastal cruise, overnight trips, dhow cruise etc.

There are some ancient villages like Kumzar village, only private boat charter at Oman services can reach there. Boat charter Oman prospers from numerous shorelines and towns, and there are hubs like Marina Bandar Al Rawda in Muscat Governorate.

Come see the natural beauty of glistening waters in Muscat. Dolphins are one of the major attractions of sea tours, they give you a fine glimpse of this marine wonder.  They swims around and play in search of sardines, tuna and mackerels. A dolphin in flight is an enchanting view that delights spectators who select private boat charter services in Oman.