Snorkeling @ Bandar Khiran Island

Bandar Khiran a secluded cover just 25 minutes boat ride from Muscat offers a wide variety of fish, colorful coral reef and large number of mangrove trees that form a sanctuary for loabsters, shrimps and other fish. It is an amazing opportunity to discover the secrets of Oman’s under water realm.

Bandar Khiran is known for its ecosystem due to the presence of mangroves that provide the habitat and food for many living creatures. The visitors also come across many amazing creeks at this touristic area, which is also an interesting destination for tourists to witness the processes of erosion and denudation which occurred due to natural factors like waves, winds, etc.

Explore the waters of Omani coastline on a splendid holiday snorkeling excursion with Ocean Tours Oman. Visit serene coves and crystal clear inlets and relish the day away from Muscat city life.



Timings: 12:00 hrs to 14:00 hrs (Duration 2 hours)
Price : OMR 15.000 Per adults / OMR 7.500 child
under 12 years/ Child under 5 years Free.

Included: Snorkeling gears / Soft drinks and water
Minimum Passenger: 2nos.